At Pedersen Contracting Services, we offer a poultry litter supply service to agricultural farmers across the UK. Poultry litter is an abundant, natural fertiliser that is rich in all the minerals required to improve soil health. Regardless of your farm’s soil profile, treatment with poultry litter is a sustainable and environmentally friendly means of boosting the health of your crops and the productivity of your business.


Poultry Litter: an alternate and effective natural fertiliser

The commercial poultry industry is thriving in the UK, constituting a significant part of the agricultural sector. British poultry farmers produce around 160 million tonnes of poultry products each year, mostly meat and eggs.

This comes from a huge stock of birds that far outnumber the country’s human population:

  • 94.2 million Commercial broiler (meat) chickens
  • 0.8 million Commercial breeding chickens
  • 3.9 million Egg laying chickens
  • 2.1 million turkeys

    The poultry sector produces an enormous amount of manure and litter each year, amounting to hundreds of millions of tonnes. Poultry litter itself is the mixture of bird manure, chicken feed, sawdust and bedding material that accumulates at the bottom of chicken sheds.

    A key part of our contracting service is to regularly clean out sheds and remove poultry litter for commercial poultry farmers.

    This gives us access to an almost limitless supply of high-quality poultry litter. When treated and partially fermented, this constitutes a potent natural fertiliser. We can supply our agricultural clients with poultry litter in high volumes, at a competitive price and in a form that can immediately be spread onto your fields.

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    Why Agronomists Recommend Poultry Litter Fertiliser for Optimum Soil Health

    It is common knowledge that the healthier a farm’s soil, the healthier its crops and the more productive each field will be. There is wide agreement among soil agronomists that poultry litter is an effective treatment for poor soil and is a suitable fertiliser for all soil types.

    As a result of professional soil analysis, many agronomists recommend spreading poultry litter to increase long-term soil fertility.

    The mineral and nutrient profile of poultry litter includes high levels of:

      • Nitrogen
    • Ammonia
    • Phosphorus
    • Potassium
    • Magnesium
    • Calcium

    Poultry litter analysis

    We recently had our poultry litter analysed by professional agronomists to demonstrate the practical benefits for your soil. This in-depth analysis is available for free to anyone interested in finding out more about poultry litter. Please claim your free analysis through our the button below and we will send you your report within 24 hours. If you would like to discuss any of the details with our team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

    To download these analysis documents click the links below:

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    Thick Fraction Anaerobic Digestion Data
    Think Fraction Anaerobic Digestion Data


    At PCS, we enable British farmers and agricultural businesses to monetise poultry litter through our range of haulage, contract cleaning, litter purchase and sale services.

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